the architect office vandkunsten a/s

The architect office: Tegnestuen Vandkunsten a/s was established in 1970.

Our work covers all aspects of the profession with projects completed in Denmark, Scandinavia and Europe. Yet our foremost concern is quality housing - low-cost and social housing in particular.

The first major commision was won in 1971 - a first prize in a competition on the future of housing in Denmark. We have taken our name from address of one of our earliest offices, the Vandkunsten square in Copenhagen.

Besides outlining, planning and project engineering we do programming and trade supervision, construction management as well as lead consultancy service.

Vandkunsten’s professional ambitions are high and our position in the construction industry is earned through 45 years. We have aimed at maintaining our professional commitment by continuously refining our visions regarding planning and building. Vandkunsten wish to attain and expand our position as a socially and environmentally engaged business, which is reflected in our activities. We cannot but being engaged in debating the terms of building and planning.

Company culture:

Through almost 45 years Vandkunsten has challenged the routines of the construction process and continuously tried to develop construction towards a social and sustainable goal.

Our organisation is flat with a high degree of responsibility for all employees.

Vandkunsten strives to maintain an open work related criticism and the possibility for collegial discussion about the professional goal. This calls for a curiosity and critical decision-making regarding the cultural habits related to the design and use of a building.

Our company culture is based on hard work at the drawing board combined with an informal, critical dialog with the users, clients, consulting partners, contractors and – not to forget – ourselves. Learn more about the result of this practice at: