Søren Nielsen Ilulissaliarpoq suliniummik nutaamik aallartitsiniarluni: Ilulissani illup iluani arsaattarfimmik ivigaasalimmik assut pisariaqartitsipput, ukioq naallugu arsaattoqartarsinnaaniassammat.
Isikkammik arsaanneq nuntatta timersuutigivaa, arsaannermillu piginnaasaqarluartut amerlagaluarlutik ukiukkut sungiusarsinnaaneq killeqarpoq. Ilulissani timersortarfiusussaq aamma tamanut allanik sammisaqartitsiviussaaq, ukioq naallugu atorneqarsinnaasoq. Timersuutit allat aallunneqarsinnaassapput kiisalu kulturikkut aaqqissuussanik pisoqarfiussalluni. Ukioq manna illussanik titartaasarfik Vandkunsten Gentoftimi timersortarfimmik CO2-taqanngitsumik sanapput, maannakkullu silap pissusaanut naleqquttumik Ilulissaniittussamik titartaarusullutik.
Read more here (in Danish)



Søren Nielsen has - with a team including architect PhD Majbrit Hirche and architect Katrine West – been granted DKK 360.000 for the project Edelfäule. Edelfäule is a phenomenon in German winemaking. It means 'noble rot' and is used to describe the fungus Botrytis cinerera's affection of the grape surface. The affection results in increased vaporisation from the ripe grapes and an amazingly concentrated taste.

The project investigates in scale 1:1 the aesthetics of building materials' surface changes over time. The experiments will be relatively playful, and yet we have a ulterior motives: We would like to demonstrate the difference between age and technical decay. If architects can learn how to control and plan for weathering, tear, and invasion from the biosphere, age might become a value – provided that its beauty is recognised. Through that a large amount of toxic surface treatment and costly maintenance operations might become redundant.

The project is deeply indebted to the creative explosion of the New Nordic Kitchen. Hopefully it will enable us, on request, to serve technically perfect architectural dishes as in the menu example below:

- Cultivated surface mold on fir boards used for patterning and black dying by means of fermentation of leaves.
- Nervous larch-laminate generated by enforced wrenching of knotless larch strips by repeated moisturising and drying. Assembled into a mechanical laminate by means of dowels.
- Shag, silvery, wooden cladding of spruce, scratched and sandblast.
- Curtain-like shingles of deep-cracked, dried-out boards clamped in larch profile with ondulated steel strips.
- Fluted wood cladding made of sandblast, fast-growing, radial cut fir planks, smeared with falu-sludge. Mounted horizontally for stimulating algae growth in the troughs.
- Burst concrete, red and rough, made by iron filings strewn in the form and exposed to acidic water and numerous freezing and thawing.
- Concrete with mask painted algae-graffiti in red-green sodium-potassium palette, enhanced by smearing with manure.
- Concrete panel with forced weathering by means of gutter muck. Stripes of rust and cleansing water.
- Concrete panel with granite aggregate and surface vegetation of lichen grafted from fieldstones.

vandkunsten advent calendar


 Join us on Instagram in December as we count down for the Holidays with daily Vandkunsten treats. Architecture is a gift to share with shades of aesthetics, community, affordable housing and much more. Here is the link to our Instagram profile and the advent calendar.
ornamental shingle facade from recycled metal
[prototype for the Nordic Built Component Reuse project which finds new ways to resuse materials in construction]
Direct link

søren nielsen at nordic green building councils conference


thursday søren nielsen gave a lecture about sustainability and beauty at nordic green building councils conference.

read his post here

vandkunsten prequalified to master plan of a day care center for disabled people


we are happy to announce that team vandkunsten is one of the five teams, which gentofte municipality has prequalified to the competition for the modernization and expansion of bank-mikkelsensvej.

now the office, in collaboration with wissenberg and PK3, has to give their proposal for a master plan and disposition of 24h and day care services for children and adults with disabilities on an area of 77.000 square meters. the scenario requires a compression of the area, which consists of both new construction and rebuilding of a number of the existing constructions.

in the evaluation special attention has been given to the teams’ technical capacity and experiences with planning of buildings and recreational areas for people with special needs and development of social senior and daycare housing. In that regard vandkunsten has fresh experiences from both gyldenrisparken and diakonissestifelsen.

you can find more information about the competition by clicking on the logo below.

vandkunsten seeks experienced landscape architect


vandkunsten is seeking a creative, enthusiastic, social and above all talented landscape architect for new assignments. an employee with practical experience, who is competent, independent and have the ability to adjust to an often busy and stressful work day.

we offer challenging tasks, which spans the entire width of the profession – competitions and concept development, planning, new construction, renovation and pure landscape assignments. we furthermore offer a professional, social and engaged working community, around 50 welcoming colleagues and a wonderful working space!

you will become a part of a small team of 2-3 other landscape architects, and it will be expected that you can draw and communicate your ideas in a convincing way.


if this description matches your qualifications we encourage you to send an email to:

thomas nybo rasmussen,

vandkunsten revealed their preliminary ideas for NærHeden


just before easter vandkunsten was invited to a dialog meeting regarding the future NærHeden, to present their plans for the area. both citizens and key personnel from hedehusenes industry, recreation and youth institutions were present to give feed back on the preliminary work.

together with COBE vandkunsten is one of the three interdisciplinary expert teams, which were chosen to give their suggestion on a development plan for NærHeden - a competition which ends the 20th of may 2014.

after the proposals have been exhibited during the summer, NærHeden will come up with a final development plan for the area, based on the best ideas from the proposals.

the final result will be revealed in 2015.

photo: NærHeden

vandkunsten prequalified for model program and master plan


vandkunsten has just been prequalified to participate in the project competition on a model program that makes close-low estates administered by DOMEA sustainable and equipped for the future.

the competition is divided into two stages. in stage 1 all six prequalified teams must develop a model program. in stage 2 three selected teams must make a master plan for the housing græse bakkeby based on their own model program.


first stage of the competition is expected to start in the beginning of may 2014.

germany 1


vandkunsten has won the commission for a master-plan for benjamin franklin village in mannheim. the plan will define the framework for the transformation of the 240 ha area, which has since the end of world war 2 been hosting a large american military base. our development concept is based on reuse of the existing infrastructure, and preservation of as much possible of the existing building stock and plantation. over 15 years, the plan will develop 5 large neighbourhoods each with a characteristic relation to the surrounding landscape.

watch the movie (german speak)! 

vandkunsten wins green establishments on bornholm


vandkunsten, lendager architects, marianne levinsen landscape and balslev advisory engineers have just won the first fase of the danish defense project competition "green establishments" - almegaard's barracks on bornholm. now we just have to wait for second fase of the competition.

vandkunsten win hjortegården


vandkunsten has, with team members wissenberg, møllen and kuben management, won the competition for the transformation of hjortegården in herlev, a suburb to copenhagen.

our proposal aims at providing a green identity - in a quite literary sense - by an unusually strong integration of building and landscape.
we suggest a reorganization of the open common space in such a way that an intensive plantation of facades, roofs and front yards can be financed through privatisation and extensive maintenance of the open area.

we are looking forward to develop the project further in collaboration with the residents of hjortegården!

seaweed house completed


the completion of the modern seaweed house for realdania byg was celebrated on july 4th on læsø island. the house has insulation and both external and internal cladding of seaweed. this ensures a negative co2 footprint (which is in fact very positive!), a fantastic indoor climate, and, first of all, a wonderful soft character.

the house is actually for sale. it can be visited at tangborgvej 6, læsø, and the book about it can be downloaded here

vankunsten on top!


the top floor at the new housing 'udsigten' (the view) has now been installed. the view meets its name; you are able to see all our wonderfull copenhagen from here.

watch the view video here.

vandkunsten selected for himmerland boligforening


vandkunsten, with Frandsen & Søndergaard, Esbensen and Marianne Levinsen Landskab, has been selected for the project competition regarding masterplan and renovation of Himmerland Boligforening, department 51, Blåkildevej in Aalborg.

the housing estate is situated in the area included in vandkunsten's winning masterplan for Aalborg 'City in Between'.

vandkunsten wins brønshøj skole


vandkunsten with COBE, Orbicon, Marianne Levinsen and Learning Spaces win the competition about Brønshøj Skole.

the assignment is to supply the existing school with a new section from 0 to grade and after school care center. later there will be a possibility to be in charge of a holistic renovation of the entire school.

vandkunsten selected for allerød activity house and library


vandkunsten and moe & brødsgaard have been selected for the competition about allerød activity and library.

vandkunsten selected for almenbolig+ 4


vandkunsten, GVL, SlothMøller, Esbensen and BM Byggeindustri have been selected for the competition about almenbolig+ 4.

proposal for ringkøbing k submitted!


team vandkunsten has submitted the proposal for the parallel competition about ringkøbing k.
you can see - and comment - here

vandkunsten selected for give culture house


vandkunsten and Skala Arkitekter have been selected for the competition for give culture house.

2012 in exhibitions: vandkunsten in MOMA, louisiana and the venice biennale.


2012 was a great year for exhibitions.

vandkunsten's cohousing communities travelled to MOMA in new york, while our cohousing project for handicapped youths was invited to the louisiana museum of modern art.

at the biennale in venice, we showed our proposal for a new arctic building practise, a project which has since moved to greenland, and which is now generating all the debate we had hoped for.

thank you to all involved from vandkunsten!

vandkunsten project honoured in karlsruhe, germany


vandkunsten's housing scheme in kirchfeld, karlsruhe, has been honoured by the architektenkammer baden württemberg.

the 56 units form a 'siedlund', itself one of six such groups that make up the masterplan for the former kirchfeld barracks. the masterplan was developed by vandkunsten after a competition win in 2003.

the project was honoured for its careful articulation of the transition between public and private, between the neighbourhood and the individual house, and for the consistent plans that create great spatial qualities in relatively small flats and houses. 

vandkunsten win new kindergarten at gerlevvej in brønshøj


with BM Byggeindustri A/S and Sloth Møller A/S, tegnestuen vandkunsten has won the competition of a new kindergarten at gerlevvej in brønshøj, copenhagen. the client is copenhagen municipality. the kindergarten will contain 8 groups and shared space, staff facilities and kitchen, around 1.300 m2 with surrounding area. the building will be built as pre-fab large sized modules and will be ready  for use summer 2014.

vandkunsten selected for three swedish competitions


during december team vandkunsten has been selected for three swedish competitions: 'linköping- the inner city expands across the river', 'sjukhusområdet i malmö' and 'framtidens äldreboende i norra djurgårdsstaden'. 

vandkunsten wishes everyone a merry christmas!


'importing architecture' the national museum, oslo


photos from the exhibition 'importing architecture' at the national museum, oslo.
photography: andreas larvik

hamar and bispevika are exhibited at the national museum in oslo


two vandkunsten projects, hamar cultural centre and bispevika, are as from today, exhibited at the exhibiton 'importing architecture' at the national museum in oslo.

the exhibition focus on the fact that more and more foreign architects winn competitions or are entrusted directly, partly as a result of eu's directive of competition and partly because there in norway contrary to the rest of europe, in a period of time has been more buiding activity.

the exhibition presents a selection of foreign architects with projects in norway. It also provides the basis for examining what this increasing internationalization means for Norwegian architecture’s identity and quality.

hamar cultural centre and bispevika are exhibited amongst projects from Renzo Piano, Atelier Peter Zumthor, Steven Holl Architects, Ecosistema Urbano, JDS architects, 3XN and KHR arkitekter.

the national museum, oslo, 23. november 2012 - 7. april 2013

read more about the exhibition here.

søren nielsen lectures at Danish Architects Associaltion's symposium


Nov 21, at the symposium ’From Form to Welfare’, arranged by the Danish Architect’s Association, Søren Nielsen talks on Vandkunsten’s experiences with user participation. Read more here.

team vandkunsten wins the competition 'aalborg - city in between'


vandkunsten with Hausenberg ApS, Esbensen A/S, Sloth Møller A/S, Tyréns AB, ICP A/S and Professor Peter Maskell have won the competition 'aalborg - city in between' now changing it's name to 'landscape in between'. the project is a strategy for an international and sustainable suburb in the eastern part of Aalborg.
the competition is a part of the iniative 'Future Suburbs' by Realdania and has been a two stage competition. the two proposals of stage 2 are exhibited at Utzon Center in Aalborg untill February 2013.


gyldenrisparken has been nominated for European Union Prize for Contemporary Architecture - Mies van der Rohe Award 2013


read more here

vandkunsten selected for new housing in valby


vandkunsten and HaCaFrø has been selected for the price competition about a new multi storey mixed used building with 50 dwellings and business. 

søren nielsen lectures about architectural BIM


wednesday november 14 søren nielsen will be talking at the kickoff meeting on the network for architectural BIM
(Building Information Model). the subject will be on how we as architects can make use of our wonderful new design-media in a way that sustains the core qualities of our profession. Read more here.

søren nielsen lectures at symposium 'towards an ecology of tectonics'


at the school of srchitecture in copenhagen søren nielsen will november 1 give a talk about how we at vandkunsten integrate sustainable technology i our later projects, and what kind of architecture can be expected from a resource preserving practice. the full programme for the day can be seen here.

vandkunsten selected for kunstbygningen filosoffen in odense


vandkunsten with marianne levinsen landskab and oluf jørgensen a/s has been selected for the competition about conversion of kunstbygningen filosoffen and surrounding public areas, next to odense å.

photo: odense kommune

vandkunsten win new kindergarten next to glyptoteket


vandkunsten and EKJ Rådgivende Ingeniører A/S has won the competition about a new kindergarten at the adress Ved Glyptoteket 2-4 in Copenhagen.
the new institution will contain around 88 children divided in 4-5 groups - all in all around 850 m2.
the institution has prominent neighbors - the classic building Glyptoteket, Politigården and Tivoli.

vandkunsten selected for Ringkøbing K


team vandkunsten with nicolai carlberg, arkitekt kristine jensens tegnestue, arup and a broad innovation panel has been chosen for the parallel competition Rinkøbing K.

Ringkøbing K is a partnership between Ringkøbing-Skjern Municipality and Realdania By. the purpose is to develop a new part of the town with 1.100 new housings in an attractive area, close to the south east part of Ringkøbing. the development of Ringkøbing K will occur over the next 30 years.

high politics drip on vandkunsten


we have been invited to propose a transformation of the 240 ha Benjamin Franklin Village, the soon to be vacated American base in Mannheim to be developed into a new green urban space. it's a parallel assignment and the other proposers are Atelier Loidl, YellowZ and MVRDV.

we went to venice / vicenza


vandkunsten went to venice / vicenza. 4 days of sunshine, prosecco, wet boots and architecture...

special thanks to our sweet and very patient organisers and guiding stars - we would have been lost without you!

building the future


Vandkunsten’s projects are disseminated by Søren Nielsen in this new antology under the headline ‘Resources of Democratic Architecture’. The article deals with subjects such as sustainable building based on social qualities, low-carbon materials and design for disassembly. The book is edited by Hans Drexler and Adeline Seidel and can be purchases here.

vandkunsten participates in the exhibition Prototyping Architecture in Nottingham and London!


Vandkunsten participates, as businesspartner with Cinark (Centre for Industrialised Architecture), in the exhibition Prototyping Architecture in Nottingham and London. Søren Nielsen and Katrine West will here be displaying novel examples of sustainable construction details, including detailing for disassembly as well as the use of natural and recycled materials. Old forks, coco-nuts, leather and eating pins are holding together reused fabric and timber boards with high industrialized recycling-based products from Barsmark and Rockpanel. Read more about the exhibition here. Download Cinark’s booklet here.

vandkunsten wins the competition faaborg kulturhus helios


faaborg midtfyn municipality has just revealed that vandkunsten with henry jensen a/s is winner of the competition about faaborg kulturhus helios.

vandkunsten has chosen to dispose the tight financial framework by prioritise the new lobby, the urban spaces around the cultural center, refurbishing the service areas west and east of the cinema as well as a re-insulation of the cinema roof and facade exterior, and distinguishes between "need to have" and "nice to have ". the proposal contains an acquisitions list, in case it is considered possible, that can be selected from in the further process. vandkunsten chooses a simple main idea that make most cultural centre, but prioritise between the advanced program requirements.

the main concept is an urban passageway between østergade, the railway station square and the harbour that creates an eventfull walk from the intimate to the public space, a new foyer building surrounding the existing cinema providing several different functionalities, a grocery shop organised to create a space creating a green wall with recesses against the new urban passageway with few main elements that allow it to enter into an interaction with the new cultural centre.

we moved!


the old city office has moved to more  'country like' surroundings at Holmen. we have to get used to it...but no one can contest it's delights! 

we are moving!


since the building is sold and beeing rebuilt for Københavns Erhvervsakademi (KEA) we move from our nice location at Nørrebro. from October 1. you will find us in quintus 92 at Holmen. from here we will follow the renovation of our new office in the beautiful workshop building next to Quintus Batteri. we hope to move in around April 1. thanks for a lot of nice years at Nørrebro - see you at Holmen!

our new adress:

quintus 92
krudtløbsvej 1
1433 københavn K

vandkunsten selected for a new kindergarten at Gerlevvej, Brønshøj


vandkunsten, BM Byggeindustri A/S and Sloth Møller A/S have been selected for next stage of the price competition for a New kindergarten at Gerlevvej, Brønshøj. The client is Copenhagen Municipality and the order is a kindergarten with 8 groups of children incl. common space, staff facilities and a professionel kitchen. 1.300 m2 in 3 floors maximum and outdoor areas. The building has to built as prefabricated room-sized modules. The kindergarten has to be ready for use summer 2014.

interview with jens thomas arnfred in politiken


he's drawing low and dense but high-ceilinged
- politiken brought an interview with jens thomas pre-architecture biennale in venice.
about not holding back, to take a stand on the society and about respect for the nature of greenland and the unemployed sealers.

- click the picture and read the full interview, politiken 19.08.2012

new arctic building practice


New Arctic Building Practice is presented in a model 1:20 and a movie in The Danish Pavillion at the Venice Architecture Biennale from 29.08 - 25.11 2012.

watch the move here:


vandkunsten at The Venice Biennale 2012


it's almost summer and we finally shipped our proposal for the exhibition for the Danish pavillion at The Venice Biennale - Possible Greenland - New Arctic Building Practice.

the project is told through a model in 1:20 and a movie, soon uploadet to YouTube.
we're not sure exactly how it is to be 'nordic architects'  but we are absolutely sure that we have given it a try we wil never forget.

the Venice Biennale open August 29. 2012.
read more:

vandkunsten is one of two winners selected for stage 2 in the competition 'city in between'


Two winning teams have been selected for second stage of the competition, and with the selection the teams are now expected to study alternative suggestions of sustainable suburban development in the eastern Aalborg.

The two winning teams are:

  • Tegnestuen Vandkunsten A/S, Hausenberg ApS, Esbensen A/S, Sloth Møller A/S, Tyréns AB, ICP a/s and Professor Peter Maskell
  • SCHØNHERR A/S, BIG, Ramboll UK, Active City Transformation, Tredje Natur, Analysehuset BBN CONSULT, Malene Freudendal-Pedersen and Instituttet for Fremtidsforskning (IFF)
The final winner of the competition ’City in between’ will be announced November 15. 2012.

Read more here (in danish):ænkning%20fase%201,%2019.juni%202012.pdf

vandkunsten selected for Faaborg Kulturhus Helios (cultural centre)


vandkunsten and Henry Jensen A/S Rådgivende Ingeniører has been selected for Faaborg Kulturhus Helios in Faaborg.

Faaborg Midtfyn Municipality wishes to create a living and spacious cultural centre based on the existing buildings, today containing the cinema Helios-Teatret.
Furthermore they wish for a masterplan for the area around the cultural centre and the structure for the location of a grocery shop and the connection between this, the cultural centre and the surrounding urban space.

vandkunsten selected for child day care center Ved Glyptoteket


vandkunsten and EKJ Rådgivende Ingeniører A/S have been selected for the competition for a new child day care center at the adress Ved Glyptoteket 2-4, in central Copenhagen.
the new day care centre wil have a capacity of 88 children shared among 4-5 groups - a total of 850 m2.
the day care centre will be situated in an historical environment between Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek and Tivoli.

vandkunsten wins the competition Viborg Baneby


the jury has now designated the proposal 'Banebyen - a living and sustainable town' as winner of Realdania and Viborg Municipality's competition about developing the railroad areas and the area south of Viborg Railstation.

'Hærvejspladsen' - a new bridge constructed like a town square - will create a connection across the railway. A green academy form the motivation in the quarters sustainable development. A water culture house as meeting spot by Søndersø. This is some of the proposals that will develop Viborg into a livning, ground-breaking and sustainable town.
The project's main idea is two new axis consisting of the urban Hærvejssti and the green and recreative Søndersøsti, that has to bind together the town area and connect it with the historic town centre, the surrounding landscape and Søndersø.

- Viborg both has a dynamic business community and is a large service provider. At the same time there is a nearness to scenic surroundings and an attractive historic urban environment. The winning team has in the best possible way been able to transform these qualities and the railway area's special potentials into a visionary masterplan for the quarter. I'm convinced that we, based on this plan, can make Viborg Baneby a fantastic place to live and into an asset for the entire Viborg Municipality, says the Mayor of Viborg Søren Pape Poulsen, who is the chairman of the jury.

project  manager Karen Skou, Realdania, praises the winning proposal and expects that the project in Viborg will be in other town's favour.

- The proposal is inventive and has a fine balance between the visionary and the realisable. With a strong main idea the proposal succeed in creating convincing connections between Viborg Baneby and the surrounding town. Also the winning proposal's bet on how the plan can be realisable can be of great use and inspiration in the further work with the town development - both for Viborg and other municipalities working with development of similar areas, says Karen Skou.

the proposal is designed  by Tegnestuen Vandkunsten, RUM, Tyréns AB, Professor Claus Bech Danielsen, SUBTURB, Lise Gamst and Sadolin & Albæk.

four teams participated in the competition about Viborg Baneby.
the winning proposal has to be developed further, and make up a masterplan for the area and form the basis of the municipality- and district planning.
the town development project is supported by Realdania and Viborg Munipality with eachr 2,1 mio. kr. 

read more here:

Bernadotte School Extension in Korean architecture magazine C3


in a 8 page long article vandkunsten's Bernadotte School Extension is publiced in the Korean architecture magazine C3.
for further info see

vandkunsten selected for Hobro Center


Tegnestuen Vandkunsten, with Ja-Ja Architects and Tyréns AB, is selected for the competition about Hobro Center.

Mariagerfjord Municipality calls for better link between the historic city centre and the future urban development areas at the harbour and in the city centre. Municipality wishes that a rethinking of Havnegade and the cityscape in Havnegadekilen cross the large trafficarea in Brogade must bind the city and the harbour together while respecting the acess to the city centre for the other road users. The urban space must be a meeting place and an activity area for locals and visitors and it becomes a part of a connection between Fyrkat and Blåkildeskoven.

the team is selected based on the following statements:

'A strong team with landscape, traffical and urban skills. A team with young as well as experienced players a an interesting composition, considered to be both able to contribute with interesting input in the competition context and to be able to perform at any subsequent assignment.

Architects as well as engineers have skills and experience in urban design.'

the competition is sponsored by Realdania and starts at June 22.

vandkunsten wins the competition Albertslund Syd


retelling the unique courtyard houses in Albertslund Syd.

winner of the competition on the renovation of 1.000 courtyard houses is a team of Wissenberg, Tegnestuen Vandkunsten, Lise Gamst, Ecosistema Urbano, Transolar, Imagine Envelope, Daniel Wedel fra Soul Food, Simon Austin and Mar Vacher.

the task was to develop the best suggestion for renovation of the houses and to provide ideas for the urban architecural vision for improving Albertslund Syd.

'the proposal stood out because it through change, renewal and reinforcement can maintain the basic and recognizable qualities of Albertslund Syd', says chaiman of the jury Vinie Hansen.

Karl Neuman, chairman of Albertslund Boligselskab is looking forward to further cooperation with the winners and says: 'The proposal by Wissenberg will provide both current and future residents the opportunity to live in a vibrant neighborhood where community as well as privacy will be a part of everyday life'.

Albertslund Kommune is also looking forward to the development that will take place in  Albertslund Syd when the renovation starts. 'The architect competition is launching a transformation of Albertslund Syd. The winning project is a compelling retelling of the unique urban- and housing qualities of Albertslund Syd. A retelling into a sustainable future', says Mayor Steen Christiansen, Albertslund Kommune.

the full report with jury evaluations is available at  at websites of BO-VEST and Albertslund Kommune.

interview with Pernille Schyum Poulsen in 'Arkitekten'


Read the interview with Pernille Schyum Poulsen in 'Arkitekten', May 2012 VOL. 114, in which Pernille tells about the background to the first price project of the competition 'Farum i udvikling' that Tegnestuen Vandkunsten won.

søren nielsen reviews the exhibition 'material world' at dac


Read Søren's review of the exhibition 'Material World' at DAC in 'Arkitekten', May 2012 VOL. 114.

'All architects, and especially students, should visit the exhibiton, that sprinkle some of the drought-stricken areas of our profession, among others the understanding of production and building tecnique', Søren writes.

Read more about the exhibition here:

first stage of vandkunsten's row houses in margretheholm, copenhagen, is ready.


vandkunsten has developed a concept for three storey row houses in close collaboration with our client sjælsøgruppen. the first stage is now complete, second stage is on site.

the aim is to offer houses cheap enough for families to be able to afford a house in central copenhagen. read all about it at

from the topping out ceremony at vandkunsten's new kindergarten in emdrup


vandkunsten prequalified for two child care centres in copenhagen


As full-service consultant, Vandkunsten has been prequalified for the project, New child care centre in Prinsessegade, Christianshavn,  and as sub-consultant to B. Nygaard Sørensen A/S, for the project, New day care centre at Saxtophsvej 11 in Valby. 

vandkunsten wins development plan competition for diakonissestiftelsen


Vandkunsten and Cubo Arkitekter share 1. prize in Diakonissestiftelsen's competition for the future development of the foundation's area at Frederiksberg.  
Vandkunsten's proposal was enhanced for the overall mix of functions and the interaction with the surrounding city.

Vandkunsten's proposal was further appreciated with two prizes for sustainability and solidarity, among other things for our work with the development of senior recidences of the future. 

developing light industrial buildings


 The office Vandkunsten has been qualified to participate in developing buildingsystems for light industrial buildings. The project is an initiative by Lokale-og anlægsfonden. 
We regard wood systems to be the most sustainable material and participate in a team alond with Moe & Brødsgård, engieneering and Lilleheden AS, compact woodsystems.

seaweedhouse on læsø


 The office Vandkunsten has won a Realdaniabygs competition regarding a vacationhouse on Læsø where seaweed is used as a buildingmaterial.
The house is scheduled be inaugurated 1.july 2013.

2001 Søkrogen social housing receives award in 2012


the Furesø Historic Preservation Association has awarded Søkrogen, vandkunsten's 2001 social housing in Værløse, its diploma for architecture 2012.

The integration of buildings and landscape, and the project's ability to house both the young and the elderly, families and singles are mentioned as reasons for the honour.

"Buildings that care about the living.."


In the March issue of the Swedish magazine ARKITEKTUR, Thomas Lauri comments on Vandkunsten's houses in Laröd, north of Helsingborg:

”...the atrium houses 'Laröd Hage' in Helsingborg by Danish architects Vandkunsten are in many ways its opposite. There is no doubt that empathy is the most important thing. The houses are found at the brink of the development, right where the edge of town turns into nature. The architecture starts off somewhat restrained along the narrow access street, leads you inward through a courtyard and a centrally placed kitchen and then abruptly lets nature wash through large window openings. It is a sensitive reading of the site and its conditions.

With their bag-washed, yellow brick facades, the houses provide a tactile experience and have impressive details. No sloppiness. You are taken care of. In a psychologically intricate way. It is as if the dwelling reads you. Observes you. It could have been eerily controlled, but it isn’t, on the contrary. The residents have already begun to arrange their courtyards in different ways. It looks as if they care. I understand them. The houses care about them.”

photographer Ole Jais

Amaliehaven Kintergarten inaugurated.


Amaliehaven kindergarten, seen here in an aerial photo from contractors Bent Nygård Sørensen, has been inaugurated.

Functions are arrangered in individual, white buildings, reminiscent of sugar cubes from the air. A two storey atrium ties everything together.

The mayor spoke, and the kids of Vallensbæk are now stress testing the architecture of Vandkunsten.


Amaliehaven is one of several institutions on the way from the office of Vandkunsten.

a bit more punk in the architect profession, please


Read the interview with Jens Thomas Arnfred in the resently published issue of ARKITEKTUR DK about the apparent changes of the architecturescene around the 00s.
The interview is also avaiable in english.

possible greenland


Read about possible Greenland in the article by Marianne Krogh Andersen from Weekendavisen.
Link in danish here

Vandkunsten wins Farum planning competition.


The winning proposal was done in collaboration with Esbensen A/S, Sloth Møller A/S, Tyréns AB (SE), and Lise Gamst.

Mayor Ole Bondo Christensen from Furesø Municipality said, 'The proposal provides us with a visionary and realistic image of how Farum can be developed'.

Six other architects took part in the competition: BIG, JWH Arkitekter, CEBRA a/s og TRANSFORM, Juul/Frost, and Effekt.

farum planning

learn more here and here.

vandkunsten wins bispevika housing competition


The office Vandkunsten has been announced the winner of a large housingcompetition about 300 dwellings in the  Olso Operahouse harbourneighborhood Bispevika. 
The proposal offers a new type of dwellings creating an environment with different ways of living close to water and furthermore greeting the opera by Snøhætta. 
Construction expected to begin 2013/14.

industrial democratic design


Read an article by  Søren Nielsen, partner at vandkunsten, in the webmagazine Unstructured here (link in english).
The article is about a Vandkunsten researchproject 'Industrial Democratic Design', in coorporation with the researchteam Adaptable Futures at Loughborough University.
Further information about  Adaptable Futures at

albertslund syd


 The office Vandkunsten has been qualified for the competition about  Albertslund Syd – the renovation of 1000 courtyard houses plus an overall developmentplan for the entire area.

We enjoy the good compagny of:
Wissenberg, engineers 
Lise Gamst, process
Ecosistema Urbano, green masterplanning
Transolar, energy technology
Imagine Envelope, facade technology
Daniel Wedel, theater director

æblehaven awarded


We are proud to announce that the Vandkunsten Institution Æblehaven in Frederiksberg - have been honored for good and beautiful building by the Municipality of Frederiksberg. 

vandkunsten selected in frederiksberg


Team Vandkunsten has been selected to participate in the competition about an overall developmentplan for the central located area Diakonissestiftelsen in Frederiksberg.
Team Vandkunsten are:
Tegnestuen Vandkunsten A/S
Esbensen A/S, consulting engineers
Sloth Møller A/S, consulting engineers
Albæk Byggerådgivning ApS
Professor Peter Maskell, M.Sc., Ph.D., Dr. Merch
Morten Østergaard, MSc.

vandkunsten selected in aarhus


Team Vandkunsten has been selected, as one of five, to participate in a competition about a new masterplan for the central areas around the central station in Aarhus.
Team Vandkunsten consists of:
Tegnestuen Vandkunsten A/S, RUM A/S, Tyréns AB, UIWE and Oxford Re-search.

Read more about the competition here (link in danish)

vandkunsten selected in viborg


Team Vandkunsten has been selected to participate in the masterplan competition about Viborg Baneby, a central area located around the station in Viborg in Jylland.
Team Vandkunsten consists of:
RUM a/s, TYRÉNS AB, Professor architect MAA Claus Bech-Danielsen, SUSTURB, architect MAA Lise Gamst and Sadolin & Albæk a/s.
Read more about the competition here (link in danish)

developing farum


Team Vandkunsten has been selected as one of three teams to continue to the second face in the competition ´Farum i udvikling´ (developing Farum).
The competition is a joint initiative between the municipality of Furesø and Realdania and furthermore part of a larger Realdania focus regarding the future suburbs.
Further information here (link in danish)

top 5


To mark the Day of Architecture 2011, which this year focused on social housing, Tinggården was selected as one of the best of 5 of social housing through the ages.
The distinguished company also holds Bispeengen 1942, Farum Midpoint 1975, Bellahøj towers 1951 and of course Søndergård Park from 1950.
Read more on the danish architects union website here (link in danish)
Read more about Tinggården here (link in english)

vandkunsten designs ørestad commons neighborhood


The jury find the draft from Vandkunsten suitable as the basis for further work on the establishment of a new plan for the site.

Parallel Raised conducted in collaboration with Realdania and Copenhagen under City & Port Presidency and with the assistance of the Architects Association. The parties chose three architectural teams to parallel commission; Holscher Architects / Kristine Jensen Juul | Frost and Tegnestuen Vandkunsten. The area includes the area between Ørestad City and Ørestad Syd, an area which today is part of Hannemannsparken.

future greenland


The office Vandkunsten has been selected to join the project FUTURE GREENLAND.
The aim is to develop sustainable visions for the future af Greenland in collaboration with local initiatives.
FUTURE GREENLAND is part of the 13th international architecture biennale i Venice 2012.
The projektet is financed by the danish ministry of culture along with Statens Kunstfond, sponsors and foundations. tilrettelægges og finansieres i samarbejde med Kulturministeriet, Statens Kunstfonds Arkitekturudvalg samt samarbejdspartnere, sponsorer og fonde.
Maincurator is professor in biologi at KUA Minik Rosing.

We are thrilled and excited!

read more about FUTURE GREENLAND here (link in danish)

alvar aalto jury


Jens Thomas Arnfred has been selected to join the jury for the  Aalvar Alto price.
The other international members of the jury are Glenn Murcutt and Louis Moreno Mansilla.
The price wil be announced at a ceremony in Lahti in Finland in the spring 2012.



In the danish interiormagazine RUM 08/2011 an article at page 48 links to We would like to ad that it is not a vandkunsten project but a private project jens thomas arnfred has been involved in.
The project deals with how to concentrate and densify the private dwelling in terms of optimizing the use of furnitures.
Further information at

vandkunsten wins the competition for the next generation of social housing+ for KAB


Two settlements on the sites in Denmark in Rødovre and Smørumnedre - in total approx. 100 dwellings.
The prefabricated buildingsystem is challenged and shows that the site plan and the local context are of particular significance.

culturecenter in hamar approved


Hamar Municipality decided on the 21st of june to begin the construction of Hamar Culturecenter.
Tthe inauguration is scheduled to the 13th of december 2013.
The house is 14,500 m2 and the budget is 557 million with a total frame of 619 million.

Vandkunsten won in august 2002 the competition for a new culturecenter incl: 3 theaters, shops, 2 cinemas, a library, a club scene, 5 multi-purpose halls,  a café and 20 rehearsal studios.
The location of the culturecenter on Hamar's main square will be strengthened furthermore as the winning project of the competition about the main square by "Ecosistema Urbano" from Madrid will be inaugurated along with the culturecenter.
Vandkunsten cooperate with local architect: Anderssen + Fremming a / s.
Read more about Hamar Culturecenter here

"The Industrial Favela" wins 1. price


The office Vandkunsten has recieved a shared 1. price in the competition Adaptable Futures about adaptable building systems.
Title of the project is ’The Industrial Favela’ and are to be developed further during the summer in coorporation with a team of scientists at the Loughborough University.
The project is highly related to the office vandkunstens own research about adaptable architecture as a sustainable strategy.
Other winning teams are Buro Happold og Ash Sakula.

vandkunsten wins emdrup vænge


The entry by office vandkunsten has been awarded first price in a competition about a new kindergarten Emdrup Vænge.
The two-storey building consists of ten groups of children.

vandkunsten selected in farum


Team office vandkunsten has been selected to participate in the competition "Farum i udvikling".  
The team consists of: 
Esbensen A/S
Sloth Møller A/S
Tyréns AB
Lise Gamst
and Tegnestuen Vandkunsten A/S

The competition is part of an initiative by Realdania under the title "fremtidens forstæder".
Read more about the competition here (link in danish)
Read more about the initiative here (link in danish)

what is it like to be an architecht?


The Association of Danish Architects have asked different architects "what is it like to be an architect?"
Watch Jens Thomas Arnfred, partner at vandkunsten, give his point of view here  (link in danish)

strategy on sustainability


Søren NIelsen will the 13th of may lecture about the strategies on sustainability of the office vandkunsten at the Münster School of Architecture.
Read the lecture here (article in english) 

school at the lakes


the office vandkunsten has been selected to a parallel competition about an extension of skolen ved søerne, school at the lakes in frederiksberg.
construction costs in all 29 mill.dkr
the competition is due to the 24th of may 2011

jens thomas arnfred awarded


jens thomas arnfred has been awarded with a 3 year work scholarship by the danish arts foundation. 
the project is to challenge the way of living via a discussion of growth in general and how it affects the way we live.

vandkunsten wins kindergarten on frederiksberg


Vandkunsten has won a competition about a new kindergarden in coorporation with Dominia engeniering.
The institution has 5 groups of children with 12-24 children in each.
The projektet in all is 800 m2.

kvarteret sofia


the proposal for sofiagården by vandkunsten has been selected to be developed at this central site in malmö, sweden.
the buildingcomplex counts dwellings, an institution, sheltered housing,  studios and restaurant.

selected in sjöcrona


Today it was confirmed, that the jury have selected our proposal to Sjöcrona to take part in a second round of the competition. 

dreams about dwellings


with the title ’dreams about dwellings’ Jens Th. Arnfred will lecture about dreams and reflections after 40 years of practice at the annual seminar for housing researchers. 
the arrangement will take place the 5th of april at  8 pm at Helenekilde Kursuscenter in Tisvildeleje.

HSB awarded


HSB Nordvästre Skåne has received an award from the swedish cityplanners association in honour of their overall contribution to housing in sweden.
at vandkunsten we are happy to hear about the recognition of the coorporation between HSB and architechts incl. vandkunsten and others - lately the project laröd haga by vandkunsten has been completed.

read more about HSB here link in swedish
read more about laröd haga here link in swedish

in the home of an architecht


dr K visits the home of jens thomas arnfred, partner at the office vandkunsten, to get a feeling of being at home with an architecht who have build several homes during a long career.
watch the programme here at drK
read more about the programme here (link in danish)

row houses in ørestad are on the way.


lundtofte parish community centre


expansion of Lundtofte Church paris community centre.
Competition entry: a hole in the ground with a heavenly light from above ...
the photograph is from the resently completed project.

linking ørestad


vandkunsten has been selected to participate in a parallel competition about linking ørestad city and ørestad south.
the project is a masterplan where housing, officebuildigns and a large arena is located next to ørestad train station and along the protected amager commons rekreational area. 

jens thomas arnfred in russian


the 9th of december 2010 jens thomas arnfred, partner and architecht at the office vandkunsten, gave a lecture at a convention arranged by rockwool in moskow.
following an article has been written by the magazine home&interior - read it in russian here or in english here

vandkunsten wins kindergarten in vallensbæk


Vandkunsten wins a competition about a new kindergarten for 120 children in vallensbæk, west of copenhagen.
the building is planned to be inaugurated christmas 2011.

fredericia face 2


the office vandkunsten has been selected to join face 2 in the international parallelcompetition in fredericia in jutland DK.
the process is arranged by realdania and is joined by 4 teams in all.

vandkunsten in moscow


The 9th of december Jens Arnfred will give a lecture in Moscow about sustainable building at an early `new year event´ - arranged by the rockwool group.
Jens Arnfred will lecture about an important vandkunsten theme : creating more out of less, for russian engineers and architects as the russian market for sustainable building continues to grow.
Vandkunsten is architect of the danish rockwool headquarter in Hedehusene.

read article in russian here
read article in english here



HSB NV Skåne has invited the office Vandkunsten to join a competition about a masterplan for 400 new dwellings to be built over a 12 year period. 
The site is a former park, Sjöcrona, in Helsingborg overlooking Øresund. 
Vandkunsten has a long history of working together with HSB NV skåne and has received several prices for the joint work through a 16 year period.

lidköping hamnstaden masterplan


the consortium behind hamnstaden in lidköping has selected the proposal by vandkunsten for the central harbour areas in lidköbing to be the new masterplan for the future development.
the area will fully developed consist af housing, ofiices, a marina and shopping and the former industrial complex of rörstrand porcelains.

`Water and Architecture´


After having represented the office Vandkunsten at the architecturecongress in Ljubljana 2010 Jens Thomas Arnfred has been invited to lecture at the International Convention of Architecture in Budapest, 5th of March 2011.
Jens Thomas Arnfred is invited by the hungarian architects assosiation in cooporation with Metszet, the leeding hungarian architecturemagazine.
The theme for the convention is 'Water and Architecture'.

day of architecture


1 of october - day of architecture with a nationwide focus on suburbs and suburban life.
On Bornholm Jens Thomas Arnfred lectures at the theatre in Rønne.
get more info here (in danish)

wood for good


Seminar at the royal academy of fine arts, school of architecture at the 20th of september about new ways of using wood in the buildingindustry.
Søren Nielsen flectures about prefab building with wood seen from a sustainable point of view. An article will be published after the seminar avaiable for downloading.
Free entry with a signup at

architecture + energy


Søren Nielsen lectures in ´Arkitektforeningen´ at the course 'Arkitechture + energy, basis'.
The theme is `transformation based approach for building and masterplans'.
signup at
Download the related article here

best project in køge kyst competition


the proposal made by team vandkunsten has been selected as the best entry of five in the køge kyst competition regarding a new sustainable neighbourhood in central køge.
the jury highlightens the proposal for having a very clear overall concept, a particular feeling of the unique townscape in køge and for having worked throughly and qualified with the overall visions for the future cityarea. 

the team vandkunsten entry is made in collaboration with:
esbensen a/s and sloth møller a/s engineering , tyrens AB, ICP institute for centerplanning, CIA center for sports and  architecture at the royal academy of fine arts architectureschool, architect MAA lise gamst, architect MAA claus bech-danielsen, albæk counseling and tegnestuen vandkunsten a/s.

read more about the competition here

vandkunsten selected in silkeborg


team vandkunsten has been selected to participate in the competition regarding ´søtorvet´, held by the municipality of silkeborg. the site is situated next to the citycentre and facing the spectacular silkeborg langsø.

søren nielsen lectures


Søren Nielsen lectures at the CITA's seminar 'The creative use of data in architecture' on the 24th of august. The lecture debates informationtechnology as the office vandkunsten see it in a positive critical view. 
the lecture will be streamed online and can be seen here

vandkunsten selected in fredericia C


a team led by vandkunsten has been selected to join the masterplancompetition about the central harbour area in fredericia, jutland.
the competition is held by realdania and the municipality of fredericia.
more info available here

linking kgs.nytorv and kløvermarken


vandkunsten has been selected to construct a new connection for bicycles and pedestrians linking central copenhagen from kgs.nytorv with kløvermarken via chr.havn, holmen og christiania.
the projektet is connecting the new bridges in the copenhagen harbour and will in time create new cityspaces and shortcuts. 
the budget is apx. 20 mill. and expected to finish mid 2012
the project is a collaboration between: vandkunsten, EKJ rådgivende ingeniører, viatrafik, algren & bruun and broconsult.

vandkunsten wins kindergarten


the vandkunsten entry for a competition about a new kindergarten in copenhagen østerbro has been announced as the winner out of five proposals in all.
the kindergarten habours 9 groups for the youngest children and 6 groups for older children, in all 2 apx. 2200 m2.

transformations in ljubljana


Vandkunsten has participated in a large international conference about `transformations´ in Ljubljana in Slovenia.
The conferece was hosted by Zavod BIG and the architecturemagazine HIRSE.
Architect and editor Jeff Bickert was mentor for the entire arrangement including 700 participants, the opening of an international architecture exibition and a ceremony for the HIRSE award.
Read about the vandkunsten contribution here
Further informations are available at

vandkunsten and louisiana


vandkunsten has been invited to join a competition for an extension of the childrens wing with a pavilion for dining.
the site is a steep slope facing the ´lake garden´ in the park surrounding the museum.
along with vandkunsten two other offices, lundgaard & tranberg and snøhetta,  has been invited.
entries due to  21st of june 2010.

rockwool center 2


Rockwool has decided to use vandkunsten to renovate Rockwool Center 2.
The ambitious plan is to convert a 1970 officebuilding into a modern low energi officebuilding consuming as little as 35 kWh/m2/year.
The original building by architechts
Eriksen & Thorsmark is apx. 3600 m2 and is the neighbor of two other officebuildings by vandkunsten also built by Rockwool.

vandkunsten selected to join second round in køge


team vandkunsten is ready to join the second and final round in the masterplan project køge kyst.
further info here

vandkunsten selected in jönköbing


vandkunsten, in collaboration with schønherr landscape and tyrens AB, has been selected to participate in a competition about 600 dwellings facing the wast lake vätteren in jönköbing in sweden.

michael sten johnsen honered


Michael Sten Johnsen has recieved Kunstfondens lifetime grant for his lifetime work with art and architecture.
we have no doubt that without MSJ there would probably not be an office named Vandkunsten...

kvistård in DETAIL


the vandkunsten project kvistgårdhusene is published in the current issue of the german magazine DETAIL about small-scale housing (kleine wohnbauten). 
further info here in detail, where you also will find an overview of works by vandkunsten published earlier in DETAIL.

vandkunsten detail

contract in hamar


contract for the new culture center in hamar is being signed by jens thomas arnfred from vandkunsten along with arne arnesen, manager of property in hamar municipality.
the new culture center is expected to open in 2013.

jens thomas arnfred lectures in helsinki


the 4th of february jens thomas arnfred gave a lecture at the school of architecture in helsinki, finland.
the topic was ´light and shadows in nordic architecture´ in combination with a touring exhibition.
the lecture was sponsered by the museum of architecture and the school of architecture. 

hamar kulturhus


the municipality of hamar in norway have decided with the votes 10 to 1 to continue with the vandkunsten proposal for a new culturecentre at stortorget.
we are looking forward to launch further studies and fase two of the projecting.

vandkunsten selected in lidköping


vandkunsten has been selected to participate in a competion about the future use of the central harbourareas in lidköping, situated beautifully at the shoreline of väneren in sweden.
4 offices in all were chosen.

vandkunsten selected in køge


team vandkunsten has been selected as 1 of 7 teams to participate in the competition about the future development of køge kyst.
it is the central located harbourareas in køge south of copenhagen and are ment to host housing, culture and recreation and offices.
the team are: esbensen a/s, sloth møller a/s, tyrens AB, ICP a/s, claus bech-danielsen SBI, rené kural CIA, lise gamst and albæk byggerådgivning aps

architecture 2.0


vandkunsten participates in the exebition architecture 2.0 at the utzon centre in Aalborg



Our proposal for housing to creative families has been awarded in the public competition at the musicon site in roskilde

the greenest parliament in the world


vandkunsten wishes to optimize the national danish parliament in terms of energyconsumption and the state of democracy

vandkunsten wins æblehaven kindergarten in frederiksberg


the vandkunsten entry to a new kindergarten in frederiksberg has been selected as the best proposal. the proposal was made in coorporation with JDL X-con a/s, HUJ a/s and esbensen and is based on use of prefabricated elements in wood.

vandkunsten selected in båstad


vandkunsten has been selected to participate in the competition regarding ´nye hemmeslöv´ outside båstad in sweden.
the programme is housing in open landscape, a new trainstation and connections to existing areas in båstad.

4 out of 51 entries were selected.

cinark seminar : reworking architecture


søren nielsen lectures today at the school of architecture in copenhagen

read the lecture here

james timberlake


vandkunsten wins bagsværd park competition


team vandkunsten wins the competition regarding transformation of an industrial area in gladsaxe municipality into future sustainable citydevelopment.
the proposal was chosen as the most realistic in terms of dealing with future aspects as traffic, scale, funktion, sustainability.
the jury highlights the way the proposal deals with the future area as a place full of history, places and people and layers from previous use.
team: hausenberg, moe & brødsgaard, claus bech-danielsen; SBI

vandkunsten wins greve planning competition


vandkunsten was announced winner of the planning competition for central greve, a suburb of copenhagen.

the proposal, "a patchwork for central greve", included strategies for increasing density, for sustainable development, and for connecting the city with the nearby beach.

the competition entry was done in collaboration with metopos by- & landskabsdesign; moe & brødsgaard; eduard francois; claus bech-danielsen, statens byggeforskningsinstitut and ICP.

vandkunsten wins ALMEN+ 2


the vandkunsten proposal for ALMEN+ 2 has been selected as the best project among 5 competing teams.
apx. 250 dwellings are to be build by KAB from prefabricated boxelements to affordable prices for families and the elderly.
the proposals aim is to dicuss the architecture of prefabricated boxes by adding well known architectual elements with a significant inspiration from industrial production.
the winning team: pihl & søn, JDL/X-Con, esbensen, slothmøller og vandkunsten.

halssmycket awarded


the vandkunsten project halssmycket outside gothenburg in lerum municipality has been awarded svensk fabriksbetongsförenings award 2009.
the 80 dwellings are build by HSB göteborg and förbo.
projects by gerd wingårdh, SHL and henning larsen have been honored earlier.

more info about the projekt here

exhibition on tour


the exhibition ´un souffle sur la ville´ from the danish house in paris opens to day in berlin at the embassy for the nordic countries.
vandkunsten and 9 other danish offices exhibits different projects on sustainability. vandkunsten participates with the MTB (torpedo shipyard) housing project - read about the project here and about the background and ambitions for the project here
next stop on the tour is new york and copenhagen.
more information about the exhibition here

a fine visit at ´from here to eternity´


Senior cohousing ´From here to Eternity´ were on the 2. of september visited by a delegation from the british ministery Homes and Communities Agency.
The delegations role is to make guidelines to promote innovation of housing for the elderly in UK under the initiative: HAPPI Housing our Aging Population Panel for Innovation.
In front af the delegationen is Lord Richard Best and sir Richard McCormick, accompanied by a tv crew.

watch a short film about the project and the visit here:

architecture to go - out of office


this week vandkunsten participates in the CPH ADD at DAC, danish architecture centre.
further info at this site:

vandkunsten wins varvsstaden


vandkunstens proposal for the future use of the former kochums industries in malmö central harbour has been appointed as the best way to develop the area ´varvsstaden´.
click here for further images and information

Vers de nouveaux logement sociaux


Vandkunsten participates for the 3rd time this year in an exibition in Paris. Our project Sømærk is part of the exibition `Vers de nouveaux logement sociaux' at the Cité de l'architecture & du patrimoine – Palais de Chaillot from june 15 until november 15.

jens thomas arnfred lectures at RIBA


DAL and the danish embassy in London have invited Vandkunsten, 3xN, Cobe and Cebra to give lectures about: designing for climate change. Jens Thomas Arnfred lectures at RIBA wednesday the 19th of may, at 6:30 pm.
see more at

vandkunsten exhibits in paris


the exhibition 'Habiter Ecologique – quelles architectures pour une ville durable?' opened on tuesday the 12th of mayat the Palais du Chaillot in Paris. Vandkunsten participates with three housingprojects: Teglværkshavnen / Sømærk, Viken and Tinggården 1. See more about the exhibition at

bernadotteskolen inaugurated


vandkunstens new building at the bernadotte school is now in use.
the assignment includes
- three new classrooms
- a rebuild and expanded woodworkshop
- new theater and gym facilities
- a new schoollibrary
- two large roofterraces
- firesecurity improvement



NALs seminar in copenhagen - several of vandkunstens works are among the highlights of the program

exhibition on tour


the exhibition ´un souffle sur la ville´ from the danish house in paris opens in prague on april 3rd.
vandkunsten and 9 other danish offices exhibits different projects on sustainability.
next stop on the tour is moskva, berlin, new york and copenhagen.

vandkunsten selected in greve


the municipality of greve and realdania have chosen vandkunsten in coorporation with metopos, moe & brødsgaard, edouard francois, claus bech-danielsen/sbi and icp to participate in the competition about suburban greve citycenter.
3 teams in all have been selected to participate.

vandkunsten selected for nørreport competition


vandkunsten has been selected by the municipality of copenhagen to participate in a projectcompetition about how to form the future ´nørreport´ in central copenhagen.
our team consists of: adept architechts, algren & bruun landskabsarkitekter, niras a/s, viatrafik aps og åf - hansen og henneberg.
10 teams in all will compete.

NAL seminar - vandkunsten through 40 years


NAL (the norvegian association of architechts) have decided on a three days springtrip to copenhagen on the 23rd - 25th of april. a topic will be the works of vandkunsten through 40 years - ... we are honored! a improtant question at the seminar will be how to navigate given the new agendas from financial and environmental challenges ... we hope that we are able to answer correct - we are looking forward to try!

vandkunsten selected for competition in holbæk


vandkunsten has been selected in coorporatin with Bagger-Hansen Engineering a/s to participate in a competition about renovating lejerbo´s sec.166-0 Agervang – Engvang social housing in Holbæk.

opening of un souffle sur la ville - instants d´architecture


images from the opening of the exibition in the maison du danemark about sustainability in architecture where vandkunsten participates with the projekt mtb hallen - reuse of a former industrial building for dwellings in the central area of the copenhagen harbour.
the exhibition are open until the 8th of match 2009.

vandkunsten invited for competition in norway


vandkunsten has been invited to participate in a competition for a plan with 50 dwellings for young families in the kuventræ district in the municipality of os in hordaland, norway

vandkunsten selected for bagsværd competition


vandkunsten has been selected by the gladsaxe municipality as one out of three offices for a planning competition in bagsværd.

large article about vandkunsten in todays edition of the danish newspaper weekendavisen


pernille steensgaard from weekendavisen interviews jens thomas arnfred - one of our partners - in the occasion of the Alvar Aalto medal, which vandkunsten received on the 3.feb.2009

vandkunsten invited to competition in korsholm, finland


vandkunsten has been invited to participate in the competition for the centre of korsholm municipality, smedsby.

vandkunsten awarded the alvar aalto medal 2009


on the 3rd of february, the birthday of the great man, vandkunsten received the alvar aalto medal in helsinki.
read what the jury said here

un souffle sur la ville - instants d´architecture


Exhibition at Maison du Danemark, 142 avenue des Champs-Élysées i Paris from 6.2.09 - 8.3.09
Un souffle sur la ville - douze architectes et deux mille cagettes. . .

our press material 2009


torpedohallen in international magazine of design, moebel interior design 1 2009


this month torpedohallen is in the international magazine of design, moebel interior design 'md' under the headline ' light and relaxed' / 'leicht
und locker'

vandkunsten is invited to participate in competition in sweden


Ljungbybostäder AB has invited Vandkunsten to participate in a competition on 40 homes and sheltered flats in the district Bandybanan in Ljungby Municipality

a masterpiece in Copenhagen - teglværkshavnen receives a new diploma


The Association for beautifying Copenhagen has given Teglværkshavnen the diploma 2008 for what they call ' a masterpiece of Sydhavnen '

a weekly dose of architecture


Teglværkshavnen housing in south harbour of Copenhagen is ' a weekly dose of architecture' on the american site:

nomination for the mies van der rohe prize 2009


teglværkhavnen has been nominated for the Mies van der Rohe prize 2009

karlsruhe baufeld2


our proposal for a new housing project in Karlsruhe baufeld 2, Germany, is appointed 2.prize of an invited competition

teglværkshavnen has been awarded


the city of copenhagen has awarded our dense-highrise housing in teglværkshavnen, south harbour, as ' particularly beautiful '

new culture house in hammar, norway


the municipality of Hammar, Norway has decided to begin the planning of the building project of their new culture house designed by vandkunsten

the architect office wins invited competition in göteborg, sweden


our proposal for a new housing project at Stora Torp, Göteborg, Sweden is appointed winner of an invited competition

our project in lerum, sweden


the first stage of our project in Lerum, Sweden is beginning to rice in the forrest, among rocks and trees.
the expected time for moving into the 80 flats is spring / summer 2009

filmcrew at vandkunsten today


the crew from the documentary ' days in copenhagen' is shooting parts of the working proces of our project at the Carlsberg area in Copenhagen

new competition


the architect office has been invited to participate in a competition about 90 assisted living facilities, 45 senior housings and a servicecenter at Kokkedal north of Copenhagen

the architect office wins invited competition on a hotel - and conferencecenter near stockholm, sweden


our proposal for a new hotel- and conference center at the estate Siggesta near Stockholm is appointed winner of an invited competition. The conference part will be in a partly land covered base, while the 150 hotelrooms will be placed in six towers with reference to the local architecture. The total area is 9500 m2.

exhibition at 'Institut français d'architecture' (IFA) ,Cité de l'Architecture et du Patrimoine, Paris


we have been invitet to participate in the exhibition ´for a sustainable living' at 'Institut français d'architecture' (IFA) ,Cité de l'Architecture et du Patrimoine, Palais de Chaillot, Paris - spring 2009

our study-trip to the ruhr area in germany


3 days of intensive study via Düsselsdorf, Köln, Zollverein, Insel Holmbroich

'koglerne' co-housing project will receive an award


'koglerne' co-housing for seriously handicapped young people will receive an award, -because of the amazing and suitable architecture

tomorrow 1.oct jens thomas arnfred gives a lecture at Odense castle


at the architecture day - tomorrow wednesday 1.october - jens thomas arnfred gives a lecture on sustainability in aesthetics, at Odense castle

professor emeritus, architect maa michael sten johnsen turned 70 years yesterday


the architect office spends the weekend 3.-5.-october at the Ruhr district in Germany


topping-out ceremony at community housing for seniors 'from here to eternity'


the special edition of is published


topping-out ceremony at aeblelunden


aeblelunden, - a study in low-cost housing in pre-fab concrete, is an important project for our continuous work for good quality housing at decent prizes. Topping-out ceremony was 18.sep.

new special edition on vandkunsten in danish architecture magazine: Arkitektur DK coming up 25.sep.2008


the end of a beautiful day 5.sep 2008


' from here to eternity´has a topping-out ceremony on 23.sep.2008


the ' from here to eternity' community housing for seniors, in Roskilde, has a topping-out ceremoni on tuesday 23.september at 13:30 o'clock

on friday 5. september we go for a one day trip


we take the day off to see and study some our own projects:
Tårbæk School and Harbour, BBB Kvistgård, Egebakken, Allerød Cityhall, Æblelunden,
Ørestad Sejlhuset, Ørestad Cityhuset and Teglværkshavnen housing in the south harbour

housing in the south harbour


the housing project - Sømærk / Somark in Teglværkshavnen, the south harbour of Copenhagen - consisting of 118 flats and a communal house - is ready for people to move in

download pdf material from KAB

carlsberg workshop


the architect office vandkunsten a/s designs one of the first projects at the new Carlsberg City area.
We participate in a workshop discussing the development of the area with Henning Larsen Architects, Aarstiderne, Entasis and Ladner & Meyer .

in 2008 the architect office vandkunsten a/s has changed residence


in january 2008 the architect office vandkunsten a/s changed residence from Christianshavn in Copenhagen,
-: to Norrebrogade 66D 2200 Copenhagen N

the architect office vandkunsten a/s wins competition on ´new ellebjerg station´


the architect office vandkunsten a/s wins competition on ' new ellebjerg station'.

download pdf pressmaterial

raus vaang, helsingborg sweden


the architect office vandkunsten a/s has received the Swedish Association of Architects ´Bostadpriset 2007´- award for the housing Raus Vång in Helsingborg, Sweden.
The swedish magazine Arkitektur no 2 / 2008 writes an article about the reason for the award.

the architect office vandkunsten a/s wins kløvermaken competition


the architect office vandkunsten a/s and Klar architects has been awarded 1. prize in the
international competition for ´the kløvermarken area´ in copenhagen.

download pdf pressmaterial